Janice Lee’s School of Ballet has been offering professional ballet training since 1967
to students, regardless of their ability or reasons for study.  We feel that ballet, when
taught with care and individual attention, is one of the finest aids to physical and mental development.  Our school is primarily Cecchetti based, combining elements of the Vaganova, Bournonville and Balanchine technique methods.  Classes are graded and the Director decides when the criteria for each level has been met and the student is ready to advance to the next level.  Each student is expected to maintain the standards of his or her level and abide by all rules, they will be dismissed from the School if they are found not to honor said standards and rules.  This includes good attendance, making up missed classes and a positive attitude in class and at all functions associated with the School.  Students are not permitted to study ballet at any other school or perform with other groups unless the Director gives permission.  Students may audition to perform with visiting companies and/or summer dance programs, only with permission from the Director.
Going on Pointe
    A student will be considered for pointe work, between the ages of 11 and 12 years old, who has had a minimum of  2 years of continual disciplined classical ballet training.  They must show an adequate flexibility of the foot to allow them to align the bones of the foot with the tibia, which provides their foot the ability to get fully onto the tip of the pointe shoes.  An adequate strength of the foot, ankle, leg, and torso to sustain the pull-up required is needed along with proper turnout and strength of the turnout muscles to sustain proper alignment.  
Studio Protocol
    Classes should be attended on a regular basis.  The studio should be notified if a student is unable to attend a class. All classes begin promptly,  students should arrive at least 15 minutes early, so they can be dressed and ready to start class on time.  Students arriving late,  not only disturb the class, but subject themselves to injury due to insufficient warm-up. Any student more then 10 minutes late will not be permitted to take class, unless permission is given by the instructor.  No one may leave class early unless the instructor gives permission before the class begins.   Students should wear a cover up over their leotards while in public, dance shoes should not be worn outside.  No gum, food or drink, other then water is allowed in the studio.  Students may bring water in a closed container.
Any matters related to the studio should be discussed with the Director in person or by phone, not with teachers or other parents and students.
No talking on cell phones inside the Studio.  
Class Observation & Demonstrations
    Each Spring parents are invited to observe a class demonstration on what their child has been learning in their classes.  Dates will be announced during the Spring.
Arrangements for visitors, parents or friends to observe classes, must be made in advance with the Director.   Please do not bring young children.
     Students have the opportunity to perform throughout the year at many venues, from stage productions, festivals, retirement homes and other community events.  Students in Ballet II, III and IV make up our Youth Ballet Company and students from the other levels are invited to perform with them, when parts are available.
      A warm and encouraging atmosphere where students realize their full potential under
the guidance of a highly qualified faculty experienced in performing and teaching.  
Class sizes are limited to provide the best opportunity for continual technical and artistic progress for each of our students.